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Finding The right Sirwal is fundamental for the Muslim Men, as it needs to be totally compliant with the Sunnah Sirwal dress codes. A Modest Islamic Pants Trousers for Men will need firstly, to be above the Ankle which can be translated to Mens Ankle Length Pants Trousers, Tapered or simply a Mens Cuffed Pants Trousers, Jeans, Cargo or Joggers. Secondly, it needs to be loose enough to cover the Awrah, like a Mens Loose Fit Pants Trousers or else Mens Relaxed Fit Pants Trousers, not to mention the popular Qadrissi and Jazayri Mens Drop Crotch Pants Trousers styles. We also have it in Mens Drop Crotch Joggers, and Mens Drop Crotch Cargo, which can also be called Mens Islamic Harem Pants Trousers or Mens Boho Pants Trousers, designed to help obscuring the shape of lower body parts and intimate areas. MooMenn main mission is to carefully select the right Sirwal for The Trendy Muslim Men and Modest Men, whether it’s a Mens Loose Fit Pants Trousers, a Mens Relaxed Fit Pants Trousers, a Mens Loose Fit Jeans or a Mens Relaxed Fit Jeans, a Mens Loose Fit Cargo or Mens Relaxed Fit Cargo for a casual look, as for a more active trendy look you may find a Mens Drop Crotch Pants Trousers, a Mens Drop Crotch Joggers. or even a Mens Drop Crotch Jeans more appealing. At MooMenn we take this mission to heart, and with a lot of dedication and devotion we endeavour every day to source the best non-form-fitting Muslim Men Pants, that combines comfort, flexibility and style to suit daily activities, yet covers the Awrah to perform the daily prayers in a Muslim Men Fashion. MooMenn has finally made it possible to add a Modern touch to the Modest Islamic Trousers for Men, as a result, today we can offer a variety of styles and colours in fashion forward yet Halal Pants Trousers for Men. Discover our wide range of Muslim Men Trousers selection that ticks all the boxes for all of your occasions Today.