Muslim Men Fashion Guide 

Who said Muslims can’t look stylish? Although, there are specific dress guidelines for clothing in Islam, but the religion doesn’t prohibit its believer to follow the trends if they are not breaking the set of rules.

For women, observing modest dress is also part of the Islamic faith. Observing hijab is highly commended for both men and women.

Islamic Clothing for Men

According to the hadith and Sunnah, Muslim men should cover their awrah as well, and the restricted part starts from the navel to the knees. However, it doesn’t mean that Muslims can leave their chests bare all the time. To make you understand better, we have complied a list of basic clothing rules for men according to the Islamic principles.

  • Must properly cover their Awrah in front of unrelated women as well as men
  • Should not wear silk, gold or any effeminate clothing.
  • Ankles should be exposed so they must keep lower garments high 

Now at this point, you must be wondering how a Muslim man can look fashionable, and that too without breaking the dress code. The good news is that, it is possible! Wondering how? For your convenience, we have narrowed down some fashionable men clothing and grooming options that are suitable for both, Muslims and non Muslims. Have a look, and style accordingly!  




QL Oversized KamiSuit

Here is casual yet trendy suggestion for all the men out there! This black hoodie Tracksuit is ideal for jogging around, casual friend’s gathering, and for wearing at home. Having side pockets, elastic ankles and soft-quality fabric; it is user-friendly, comfortable as well as stylish.




QL KamiHoodie Jubba Kurta

This Longline hoodie Jubba is basically a short Jubba with a hoodie to add a fashionable touch to the casual wear. It has side pockets and long sleeves, making it ideal to wear while praying as well. The hoodie of this short kameez or Qamis has a lace too to give you the exact hood-like-feeling.



QL Longline KamiSweat Thobe

Don’t like polo shirts? A Kamisweat is equally stylish and comfortable. To give it a more fancy touch, it has been created with contrasted logo, collar and bottom asymmetrical stepped hem. Definitely a perfect choice for casual wear!  

QL MS KamiSweat Jubba

Are you someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in short shirts yet want to be in the limelight? This Longline sweatshirt Thobe is just made for you! It is more like a combination of a long kameez or Qamis, sweatshirt and a Jubba. Made of extremely soft material, it has side pockets, long sleeves and a collar with zip. Certainly, an elegant clothing option for Muslim men! 




QL Loose Fit Jeans Trousers

A modern alternative of casual bottoms is here! Sirwal is designed to make a great combination with t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and overall all the casual shirt pieces. It is made of a soft fabric, which is gentle to the skin. For a perfect Islamic touch, this jogger Sirwal is created short to expose the ankles.



QL Longline Oversized Hoodie

This Longline Polo Shirt is a must-have for every trending men out there, Muslims or non-Muslims. Made of cotton fabric, this Longline polo has side pockets as well, which are not usually present in regular t-shirts. 



Wooden Glasses, Wooden Watches, Hats and More

MooMenn has made a handpicked selection of unique and fine accessories complying with the Sunnah accessories for Men, Mens Halal Accessories in particular and Modest Men accessories standards in general. We have a selection of Mens Docker Hats, Mens Beanie Caps and Mens Docker Beanie Hats, that combines the Islamic Hats for Men or Kufis for Muslim Men also referred to as Mens Islamic Caps, and modern hats or Docker Beanie Caps that really adds that Fashion and trendy look to the traditional Muslim Hats for Men 

We also have gathered some eye-catching Wooden Eyewear collections ranging from a Luxury Fashion Mens Wooden Eyeglasses to some sumptuous Luxury Fashion Mens Wooden Sunglasses, not to the mention the ultimate Luxury Fashion Wooden Watches that we have especially catered to complete the trendy Muslim Men look in all of his occasions.

in conclusion, looking trendy is not difficult. All you need to do is, invest in the right Halal products in the right place without compromising the Islamic values as a Muslim Man and as a Modest Man in general, simple as that!