Many believe that the religion Islam has only set restrictions for women when it comes to dressing up. It is vastly a misconception as there are guidelines for men to follow for dressing. In Islam, not only women, but men are also supposed to wear modestly. It is the Sunnah of the Last Prophet to wear ankle length Sirwal.

A Sirwal, also known as harem pants and Punjabi pants, are loose fit trousers that have a wide and low crotch that reaches the knee area. Originally from Persia, this type of apparel is now worn in many countries.  

The drawstring allows the Sirwal to be worn at either the waist or hip level. Sirwals are commonly worn by Arab men under the Thobe, or alone with some sort of loose top.

Different Types of Sirwal

Various varieties of Sirwal have surfaced since ancient times. At MooMenn, a reliable name to buy apparels for Muslims, you can find a range of Sirwal in different colours and types. Have a look at some of these:

Loose Fit Cropped Joggers


These are easy to wear loose joggers available in three different colours; green, blue, and black. Suitable for an Islamic dress code for men, these joggers have stripes on their sides, which give them a rather appealing look. These are made from the finest quality polyester material, which can resist routine wear and tear. Therefore, these trousers wouldn’t lose their sheen and colour after a few wears.

Drop Crotch Harem Pants Sirwal


These grey coloured harem pants are not only appealing to look at but comfortable to wear as well. The striped look further enhances their appeal and the grey colour adds to their value. These are also made from durable polyester material. These are available in a range of sizes.

Drop Crotch Joggers Sirwal


These are drop crotch joggers with a distinct style. As the name suggests, the crotch of these joggers drops lower until the knee area. The pattern on the knee area of these joggers makes them look appealing. These are made from spandex, polyester material; thus, can withstand regular wear and tear. There will be no issue of colour fading away or the fabric losing its sheen after a few wears or washes due to the use of quality material. These drop crotch joggers are also available in three different colours i.e. grey, army green, and black.

Loose Fit Denim Pants Sirwal

Give your Sirwal a look similar to that of jeans by getting MOO Loose fit denim pants. These drop crotch jeans have two pockets on the front side and are available in blue and black colours. These denim pants also fall in the Islamic dress code for men. Hence, you can wear them without any concern or worry.

Drop Crotch Cargo Pants Sirwal



Another type of Sirwal, drop crotch cargo pants are also available at MooMenn. These drop crotch pants have a distinct look. Spandex, polyester material is used for making them, which helps them to have a longer shelf-life. These loose fit pants have elastic waist.

Extreme Drop Crotch Harem Pants Sirwal


As compared to other types of Sirwal, these harem pants have extreme drop crotch that goes below the knee area. The use of polyester, spandex material makes them quite stretchable and long-lasting. These harem pants are available in two colours (black and dark grey) and have two pockets on the front side.

Loose Fit Cargo Shorts Sirwal

These distinctly designed Loose Fit Cargo Short can be cuffed or loose at feet thanks to it's elastic drawstring that gives them a relatively different yet appealing look. Buyers have the choice to buy these harem pants in three different and attractive colours i.e. grey, red, and black. These pants are made from high-quality cotton; thus, they are comfortable to wear and last for a long period of time.

Apart from the above-mentioned types of Sirwal, we also have a range of other loose fit trousers, drop crotch jeans, and drop crotch joggers. All the apparels we sell are suitable as per the Islamic dress code for men. Furthermore, these are available at reasonable rates and come with a home delivery facility.

For more information on different types of Sirwal or if you have a query, feel free to contact us.