“From Depression to Inspiration” 

Assalamou Alaykom,

After a major breakdown I had in 2016, I quit my job and travelled back home in North Africa, to join my parents where I’ve spent some time there to recover, that’s when I have had the chance to spend more time in the mosque and learn more about Islam to get closer to Allah.

I couldn’t help but noticing then the lack of choice and variation in Islamic Casual/Fashion wear for Muslim Men, apart from the classic Kameez, Jubba or Thobe that you wear mostly for prayer or special occasions like Eid etc. and not really much for everyday wear.

Being a Muslim Man who should care about his appearance, I used to combine casual clothing & traditional Islamic garments to get a more contemporary look yet meet our Islamic dress code, without feeling alienated by the society we live in, especially in the west. 

Few months later, by the guidance of Allah SWT I’ve felt the urge to do something, that's when I’ve started to shape up the idea of creating an Online Marketplace for Muslim Fashion and lifestyle, and that’s when the name “MOOMENN” came to my mind, which is an Arabic word that translates to “Believer” 

May 2017 I came back to London and started my research, which led me to realised how so many young and adult Muslims around the world who were just like me, needed not only solutions but guidance as well, and so I began pursuing a dream to create a network of Modest clothing and accessories brands to build not only a hub of choices and variety for Muslims but also reaching out to Muslim writers to create an educational content for young and adult Muslims about our garments’ history and dress code.

Al Hamdoullillah, after several months of market research, building the business and founding partnerships, I’ve founded the project in Feb 2018 and launched the website couple of months later. 

MOOMENN team is working around the clock to offer Muslims around the world a One-Stop-Shop for all Islamic Fashion Categories, from Smart/Casual wear, Sportswear to Swimwear, Accessories and more, all without compromising our Islamic Identity and values, while fitting within any society in which we live. 

 May Allah purify our intentions and put baraka in our actions.

All praises due to Allah Soubhanahou wa Taala, who guided me All Along!

Let’s begin by saying Besmellah.  

Peace & Blessings



Aziz Louhichi  

Aziz Louhichi